A pop of colour

Spring has officially sprung. The days gets longer, the wind is warmer, and the people are happier. Life feels so much better. I hope you are doing well. I like the rhythm of the four seasons. It reflects life somehow, which is a circle as well. We have this cold winters in our life, which seems to never end and we can’t imagine how it feels to wake up to a whole blue sky and sunrise. Hold on if you have such a winter in your life, let me tell you: Spring is just knocking on the door.

The sun and the better mood, in general, makes us more creative. No surprise that we ended up doing something new and never tried before: We shot an outfit using our own created hand-made clutch. I think that it was the beginning of an idea we want to pursue and improve. I decided to go for an all-white simple look. I wanted to concentrate the attention to the bag and the outfit to be in the background like a white screen. I hope you like it.


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