As a little child in Togo, my sister and I always have been so excited for big events, because we knew that we would get new clothes. Some of them are stored till today, hoping that my girls would wear them one day. They were so special for us and I am going to explain to you why.

Everything started with the well-chosen fabric. The most colorful the better. The next step was visiting a tailor to measure our bodies and my mother to tell them how she wanted the dresses or skirts to look like. And finally, at the big day we jumped on the results of well-manufactured dresses or skirts and wore them with proud. Wearing something tailor-made that fits perfectly is invaluable.

The collaboration with  ANKARA really awakens those childhood memories in me, and that’s one reason why I am so happy to finally reveal everything we have been working on for some weeks. Some months ago, Yvonne launched her brand ANKARA, which is based in Germany and Cameroon. The skirt I am wearing was made by a talented tailor in Cameroon, who works for the brand. We felt in love with the whole vision and concept of the brand. For the first time in ages, I am convinced that no one had to suffer for the clothes I am wearing and that’s worth promoting.

The most exciting part of the process was the moment we chose the fabric. When it comes to clothing and materials, I usually go for the more classic, simple and plain ones. Therefore, I was not sure how I would feel about the results. But, life is about trying and learning, while we explore the unworn far away from our comfort zone and it was worth it. I forgot why I loved those fabrics so much. I forgot how much I’ve loved wearing those bright patterns and colors. Growing up in Europe, far away from our roots makes us forget the treasures of our culture sometimes. I was not aware of how fashionable and timeless those fabrics are, which is so sad, as it is something worth treasuring. Not only now but for the next generations as well.

I am so happy that ANKARA makes it possible to get that kind of skirts and dresses globally now. If you want your own customize skirt, dress or scarf check out their Facebook page and send her an e-mail. For that day, I paired my skirt with a plain white cotton top, white floral sandals from Sixthesens and a clutch my sister designed with the leftovers of the fabric. I feel honored and proud to wear the skirt and to share it with you.

Thanks, and greetings to Yvonne for all the great work she did to make everything happen.

Stay positive and stay happy.

Nella ♣

Clutch: Nellacoco 
Sandals: Sixthsens 
Top: Only

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