Are High-End Magazines Worth The Money

Juli 15, 2016


Fashion magazines are the forerunners of what we call fashion-blogs nowadays. The number of existing blogs is huge and there is something for everyone. I like to get my hands on a magazine now and then. I’m still a fan of analog books and press, as looking on the screen the whole day, day by day tends to make me restless in a certain way. A cozy afternoon with tea and a good read in my favorite magazine are somehow really relaxing and therapeutic for me.

Though the range of different magazines is not as big as the range of fashion blogs are, they all have their specific offer to their readers. In this article, I want to give you a quick review on three  of the magazines I buy now and then. They are more expensive in comparison to the other ones. But are they worth the money? If you are wondering about the same question keep reading and enjoy!



Vogue, in my opinion, is a little bit overestimated. Well, at least the printed version of it, is awesome. I prefer buying Vogue when it’s sold with an extra magazine, when there is a cover story or an editorial I really like, e.g. the one with Gigi Hadid. Don’t get me wrong, I acknowledge the amount of work behind it and the great photography etc. but the amount of advertising is sometimes bigger than the actual story. But the photography and the stories are amazing and really inspiring.



After fashion week and at the beginning of a new season, is when I prefer the InStyle the most. The Magazine captures the best street style moments. In addition to that, it gives us a good overview of what is currently worn and what we are going to see that season. I like to create an inspirational board with some features and styles I’d love to try out. In comparison to Elle and Vogue, InStyle is the one with the least amount of advertising, which is great, ‚cause it is more than annoying when you take a peek at your magazine and realize that you’ve paid that much money for 75% of advertisement.



I love Elle. Why? Well, Elle is a mixture of Vogue and InStyle I think. It gives us an insight into trends by capturing street styles on the one hand but has much more high fashion photography at the same time. I personally like the structure and the layout of the whole magazine, as the pages are more clean and simple. It makes it easier for the eyes to rest and to focus, which makes it comfortable to read. The amount of advertising is acceptable and not that overwhelming, a big plus.



Are high-end magazines worth the money? I’d say it depends on the current issue and on personal taste. But for me, like previously said, some of them are overestimated and the money is spent on advertising rather than content. Everything said above is my personal impression and judgment. Let me know, what you think about the featured magazines. Tell me whether you have the same impression or not.



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