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Creating Memories

August 12, 2016 , 2 Comments
ENG The feeling of regret can be caused by unexpected situations and things. The longest day of the year has gone by and we are getting closer to the longest night with every day. It was on my evening walk around my neighbourhood when this thought and the feeling of regret tickled me softly. I [...]
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Are High-End Magazines Worth The Money

Juli 15, 2016 , 0 Comments

Fashion magazines are the forerunners of what we call fashion-blogs nowadays. The number of existing blogs is huge and there is something for everyone. I like to get my hands on a magazine now and then. I’m still a fan of analog books and press, as looking on the screen the whole day, day by […]

The Explosion

Juni 8, 2016 , 2 Comments

„…every new beginning, comes from some other beginning’s end“-Semisonic, Closing Time. It sometimes happens in life that we have to lay down some ideas and visions or give up wishes and hopes. Every time that happens, this line if the song „Closing Time“ by Semisonic, goes through my mind over and over again. Maybe, for […]