Be your own Definition of Beauty

Some weeks ago, we had this amazing collaboration with STANDFOR, where we’ve talked about standing up for your message. During the collaboration, we realized that we haven’t defined our own message clearly enough.

Everyone has his own story. Everyone has his own path leading him through life. Some paths are easy and smooth, while some are bumpy and full of deep gaps. Everyone is individual and that’s the reason why some people walk fast and curiously, while some people walk slowly but carefully. In most cases, the path behind us influences the way we walk the way ahead. Some people experienced deep gaps, felt and have been injured and therefore they walk slowly but carefully. On the other site, some people have never experienced stumbling, so they walk as fast they can because they aren’t afraid to fall.

We don’t see the world as it is but like we are. We have our own definition of happiness, joy, fear, anger, hopes and dreams. So why don’t we define our own definition of beauty? We want to motivate you to not let anyone else tell you, how you need to look like to feel beautiful. Defining beauty as something that includes more than our appearance. It includes the entire human. The person we are outside and inside.

You may wonder who the new faces in the images are, as I (Nella) am the only person who has been pictured on the blog so far. With the launch of our statement, we decided to show you the working team behind NELLACOCO.  I am so happy that they joined me on this adventure and I can’t be more grateful to work with my sisters on something we love so much. They will introduce themselves in the coming articles so stay update.

Till then, tay positive, motivated and joyful.

Nella ♣

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