Best of 2015

2015 Hello

Looking back to an exciting whole year, which is actually our first full year working as a team of three on the blog. Looking back to a year of learning and growing not only personally, but as a blogger and as a team as well. Looking back to a  year with exciting projects and partners like ANKARA and  STANDFOR.

To be honest, the best memories of mine in 2015, are the mornings I was sitting on my little desk, and wrote with passion and joy words, I hope could  help or inspire people out there. Or the nights of our team meetings, where we were all full with ideas and passion, and creativity. Which, brought us to the point, where we created our own cape for autumn. Something we are planning to do more often this year, so stay updated.

I hope you’ve enjoyed 2015 with us. Thank you all for your sweet and lovely comments and messages here or on my social media pages.  

Thank you all for 1 thousand likes on Facebook!!!

It makes us happy and proud to see that you guys like what we do and support us.

Have a nice week and stay positive

Nella ♣ 

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