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There is something everyone, every girl has, that makes them feel comfortable day by day. It can be the favourite coffee, perfume, skin care routine or the perfect lipstick like I do. It is quite challenging to find one, that fits your skin tone, your hair colour and your eyes so that it makes a nice harmonic ensemble. I was looking for a darker red colour, which I thought  would look good with the more grey and nude shades I love to wear during winter time (and the rest of the year to be honest).

Some weeks ago, I went to Douglas and after trying different lipsticks, that the lovely staff picked out for me, I ended up with the one from Burberry. I’ve worn it since then every single day, I love the fact that, it does not dry out but moisture lips. I love the pigmentation, which makes the colour long-lasting. Not to forget this beautiful packaging. It is pricier, but I can tell that the quality justified it.

In my opinion the  most important thing, about something superficial like make up is, the way you feel about it. Something may look good on you, may be expensive but, if you don’t feel it, just don’t play it. I know a lot of people, who just wear something because it is expensive and from a specific brand, and obviously don’t fit them, or they do not feel comfortable with it. Don’t do that. Makeup should underline and express the person you are, which sometimes means to not wear makeup at all. I know a lot of beautiful girls, who do not wear makeup, even if it looks good on them, but who are self-conscious enough go without because they feel better that way.

For me personally, I love to apply some colour to my face, just like a clown, it does enhance my mood, to be honest, and makes me feel more awake. It took me a while, to be honest since I started wearing lipstick the way I wanted,  just because I was  not brave enough to do so. I was afraid that it would look weird on me, as a black girl, or that they are no colours, that looks good with my skin colour or that I would look like a clown. But at the end of the day, even if I do so, it makes me feel good, and that is what really matters, and that is why I love this lipstick from Burberry that much:

I enjoy wearing it.

Have a nice week guys.


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