Home is one of the first words we learn while growing up. „When are we going home, Mommy?“. I bet everyone is familiar with this question. Home is such an easy word. Simple four letters that mean the world to everyone, if we’re honest. The word home awakens the feeling of trust, love, secureness, strength and much more. It maybe awakens memories of good old days. The ones with the beloved people. Our life starts with a home, a nest. The moment parents bring their newborn home is such a special and memorable one and the one children lose their parents at home as well. So basically, everything starts and ends with a place people call their home. A home is, therefore, fundamental. Not only for us as human beings, but for every existing creature in the universe.

But home with all the features I’ve mentioned above is not something we automatically get. Not every house is a home. Home is something individual. It can be a place we found strength and love or a place, where these characteristics are lacking. It is in our hands. The truth is no one can define the word home for us. We have to find it on our own or already have found it in the home we grew up. I’ve discovered over the last two years since I’ve moved into my new apartment that I love the mixture of vintage and modern statement pieces. I think that’s why I love ZARA HOME that much. Their style is totally me. I wanted to treat myself a the end of the year and got my hands on some pieces. I wanted to share some of them with you. Maybe it’s an inspiration for you to show so love to your house to create a home.

PS: ZARA HOME has a massive SALE going on. Definitely, check it out if you love their style as much as I do =).


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