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drawn by Nati

Hello everybody. Long time no see!!

First I want to apologize that I couldn’t write my definition of beauty earlier. But guys, it was really difficult, as my sisters and I share the same meaning about beauty. My life has changed a lot during the last months. And I made so many experiences, which helps me to write this post for you, guys. I hope you will enjoy it. As I’m doing my intern ship, I have to travel with the bus to work every morning. During this time I hear music, read and enjoy the nature in her beauty. And since I’m doing this, many things has changed completely. What exactly change, I will share it with you later.

Nella explained her definition of beauty, through the example of our mother, who has a amazing character, that we love so much. That means the beauty from inside. „Like“ explained you her definition of beauty, giving you the experience of one of her schoolmate. She define her beauty as something you can’t see until you take a step back and see the whole picture of yourself and start to love the “little problem” that makes you unique. Now let us return to my little story from the beginning.

Some years ago I went to some bad years, which change my whole personality. Everyday when I stand up, I have always thought about the difficulties I have. And was waiting for an miracle to happen, which would rescue me from the sadness. What do you think what the people saw, when they looked at me at that time? Some months ago, I start my intern ship in a company. I have to take the bus. As mentioned I hear music, read or enjoy the nature, even more during fall. Now after some weeks in the company, my colleges told me, that they are happy to have me around because I make them happy, with my happiness. What did change?

Everyday when I stand up, I don’t wait until the miracle comes to me, but I’m looking for it. And the biggest secret is, that I’m not looking for the big miracle, but for the smaller ones. I think this advice isn’t new for some of you, but do you see the connection between happiness and beauty? The way we live is a reflection of what is happening around us. We are the reflection of what we let influence us, or even better, of what we CHOOSE to influence us. My life isn’t easy, as I’m studying and have a little boy. Guys, it ain’t easy. But to be honest, I realize how hard it is, when people are wondering, about how I manage both in life. My life isn’t easier, but the way I see it change during the last years. I choose what I want to focus on and this influence the way I go through the life. And as I mentioned it above, I choose to reflect the thing that makes me happy, which change the way I appear to other people.

Imagine happiness as a person. I’m sure no one of you would have a picture of maleficent in mind. You related this personality with a smile and shiny eyes. I think you have a colourful picture in your mind, right? What do you thing, what would be the picture of me, my colleges will keep in mind when I left the company?The fact to walk through the world and to keep the eyes open for the little things which happen in the day, has a big influence on us, on our personality and your beauty. Don’t wait until something nice happens to you. But look and search for the wonderful thing with surrounded us, because the way we let other beauty influence us, describe your beauty and personality, because after all, we will reflect it.

So guys keep your eyes open and attract the beauty around you to be attractive for other people and reflect your definition of beauty.

Nati ♠

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