February Favourites


It is the last day of February, good timing for a monthly favourite, right? It is actually the first time I am doing one on my blog, and I am planning to do one every two or three months.  One of my main aim this year is to include more organic products to my beauty regiment and to improve my healthy lifestyle as well. So I’d like to show you some organic alternatives that I’ve found and love, in this monthly favourites. Enjoy.

1.Higher Living Organic Early Grey

I am trying to get away from coffee for some reasons, of which the main one is as I mentioned on a previous article (read it here), my panic attacks. Another reason is that my stomach is really sensitive to coffee and although I’ve tried a lot of different brands, nothing really works for me. I then went to black tea, and had the same issues with my stomach. I then discovered the earl grey of this brand called Hihger Living, and I highly recommend their teas in general but especially their earl grey. It does include bergamot oil, which is an essential oil that is good for the digestive system, and I think this may be the reason why I don’t have problems with my stomach drinking this.

2. Dr.Hauschka Cleansing Cream

After years and years of using harsh (organic and non organic) cleansers, my skin got out of its natural balance and got really dry. „They make our skin dependent instead of helping it enhance its natural balance“, is what the employee of the skin care department told me, concerning my dry skin. She recommended me this Cleansing Cream from Dr. Hauschka, a 100% organic skin care brand. It does not foam at all, which might be irritating for the first time, ‚cause it might feel like it does not clean your face properly, but trust me it does. I’ve been using this with other products of the brand for 3 weeks now, and I can really see a difference. My skin has a natural shine and glow, feels and looks healthier.

  3. EOS Sweet Peppermint

This is soooo old school I know but, I have to put this in my favourites of this month. This saved me so much this winter, especially this February, from my dry lips. I’ve stopped using this for 1 month, as it is pricier than other lip balm in drug stores. I ended up having dry and cracked lips, no matter what I used, so I bought this again 3 weeks ago, and it was a life saver, not kidding. What I really appreciate about this balm are the good ingredients (shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil) and the lack of toxic ingredients. My favourite flavour is Sweet Peppermint, as it is really refreshing and peppermint oil, which is known to enhance the blood circulation of the skin it is applied to.

4. Mirrored Jewellery Box from ZARA HOME

This little mirrored jewellery box is an absolute favourite of the month. I feel like mirrored decoration is rare to find, which made me fall in love with it, when I saw it. It is so easy to combine with other decoration and gives the whole appearance a sophisticated and elegant extra.

5.RITUALS Ginko’s Secret

I had the same problem with my hands, like I had with my lips and found something that works better than the hand creams I normally use. I went to Rituals two weeks ago with my mum and she wanted something moisturising and nutritious for her hands. She first tried the hand scrub and their hand balsam after. After doing so, her hands felt so soft and moisturised. Well, long story short. We both ended up buying one. It does a good job and I love how my hands are healthier when using it (that’s why it’s one the list), but I’ll look for a more organic alternative, as it does not have a lot, but some nasty chemicals in it, something I try to avoid, as much a possible.

Nella ♣
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