In a world where we all are slaves to social media’s fake and filtered lives that are all aiming for picture-perfect, while, in actuality remaining just as dull as they’ve been a day ago, being a confident woman is getting harder and harder as we speak. Women are constantly under pressure to look good, be successful, be sexual and sensual (but not too much), be perfect mothers and great wives, be fantastic friends and great colleagues to work with. Sometimes, it feels like the entire world is on a woman’s shoulders, making her struggle for air. It’s all come down to everything or nothing, and it’s exhausting.

What social media is actively doing to women’s confidence is heartbreaking: even the strongest, most powerful of women are often under the impression that they’re not good enough, all the while being the most amazing individuals ever.

We should stop this feeling of imposed inadequacy immediately! To all of you phenomenal women out there, here are just a few tips that will help you be the best version of yourself and enjoy every single moment of your life, feeling happy, confident and thrilled.



Unless you are doing business through your personal social media accounts, the best way to exclude yourself from all the fake perfections out there is to leave social media for a while. Most of us use Facebook to communicate with our friends who live far away, so to avoid losing touch, add them on Skype and chat as much as you like. Enjoy your life as it is and stop comparing yourself to others. Think of it this way: if they were actually having such a great time, why weren’t they just enjoying it instead of posting online? Exactly. Instead, enjoy the Internet through lifestyle and health blogs, TED talks, LinkedIn, YouTube and other great networks – and you’ll see your life blossom.


Often, we forget to love ourselves – not only on a daily basis but generally. There’s always this deadline to a project or that homework you need to help your kid with. To stay in your best spirits, it’s important to put yourself first as much as possible. Splurge on your favorite hair treatment and a haircut, enjoy a mani-pedi session, book a massage at least once a week, go for yoga or any other physical activity that makes you happy. Buy yourself something nice from time to time, whether it be a piece of clothes, a good book, a fine meal at your favorite restaurant or anything else that makes your heart jump.



We’ve always been taught that the tougher we look the easier we’ll protect our hearts from ending up hurt. Let us tell you this – they’ve been teaching us wrong, all these years. Our attitudes eventually become us and even if your personality is bubbly and confident, building up walls around your fragile soul will turn you into an unhappy, sheltered person who not only looks pissed for the most part but feels so, too. Drop that bitchy attitude and start smiling immediately! Write affirmations daily and read them aloud: make a list of all the things you are happy about, all of your plans for the future and the blessings you are surrounded with. Commit to new projects, new people and new chances in life. Let your soul be happy and you’ll immediately feel more confident, joyful and enthusiastic about your life!



With the hectic schedules we’re all suffocated with, we often fail to spend time with those we love the most. The absence of our favorite people from our lives is surely bringing about a feeling of dissatisfaction, emotional heaviness and sadness. Whenever you feel like you are losing touch with your inner peace, call your mom and talk to her for a while. She is dying to hug you, you know? Hug your partner as much as possible, spend time with your best friends on the weekends, enjoy a dinner date with your favorite sister/sibling. Seeing in their eyes how loved you are will help you restore faith in yourself and the life you are leading.

Good luck and remember to love yourself first, no matter what!


About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about traveling, fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”


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