Girl on a swing

It was a sunny day here in Stuttgart and I took this opportunity to go shopping with my sisters today. We went in this super huge! Shopping center named Milaneo, where you can find nearly everything your heart desired. That’s when we shot the pictures for the second part of our collaboration with our partner ROK&J there.

ROK&J is a new jewelry line and it’s all about creating simple, classic timeless pieces yet fun jewelry for everyday wear. This necklace named „Girl on a swing“ (Grab it is 25% off now!!!) is one of those playful, fun and effortless pieces. I love how the combine the gold necklace with this silver detail.

The necklace reminds me of the fact that in life we sometimes must be brave and try new things. It starts with a simple thing like wearing we’ve never worn before. It reminds me of the young girl in every woman, who wants to explore and to have fun. It reminds me that sometimes life is about not thinking too much and jump out of the line like the girl on a swing.




  • So true. They say brave men die, i say only brave men truly live…..hmmmm i think im watching too much Brave heart. Haha aber ja sicher. Wir mussen etwas probieren, weil wir ein mal leben. Oder?

    Januar 9, 2015 at 7:31 am
  • Ja das denke ich auch .Guter Spruch übrigens 🙂 @phoenix

    Januar 14, 2015 at 3:31 pm

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