How Empowered Women Empower Women

If someone would ask me which time was the most shaping and changing period of my youth and young adolescent, I would for sure say the last 3,5 years. I gave you a feeling for this time in one of my previous articles here. And I have a lot more to tell and to share. Lessons, stories, memories and conversations, but I guess I save them up for coming articles. I want to focus on one specific experience that not only carried me through the whole time but made me become a better person.  A greater woman, a precious friend, a  caring sister and a better version of myself.


1. Focus On Their Strengh

In the moment of self-doubts and lower self-esteem, having someone to tell you what a badass you are, can turn a night into a day.  Additionally focusing and believing in their strength will motivate you to see yours too.

2. Make Them Listen To Their Intuition

For long it is known that intuition is another way of intelligence and there is no reason we should underestimate that.  A heritage of experiences, unlived memories, given from one mother to the next mother. From one daughter to the future daughter. That’s how I see it. I always say that I don’t know how I end up where I am now, as it’s purely the result of me trusting my intuitions and gut feelings. One decision to the other and here I am now, living a life I can honestly be happy with in the long run.

Since being a young girl, I’ve always found myself attracted by the women, with a strong character. And as I grew up, those women crossed my path of life and thought me the lessons they have learned and the way they dealt with the ugliest thing life could throw to you. One of them showed me how to listen, and oh boy, she was a good listener even though she was deaf. The other one looked at me and told me that life will get better, that one day all the pain I feel now will be yesterdays memories. She said that with such a smile and a sparkle in her face, that I could not believe that this woman committed suicide years ago. But the scars spoke a witness for themselves. The old lady, I call her my fair lady and one of my first girl crushes. This woman had the class for two lives. She sat there in her chaise long, telling me the story of a free spirit, who end up in a marriage due to the pressure of society, but never stopped questioning the status quo and the convenient rules of her time, regardless of what other people thought of her. A free spirit, who never stopped speaking up for herself at a time where women were more likely to be quiet. And then there is my mom, the master of endurance and courage. The list is long, and I could dedicate a whole book to these beautiful, courageous and empowered women I was lucky enough to meet. The purpose of this article is to encourage every single one of you to uplift one another, and to believe in the fire, sparkle, or call it how you prefer, that burns within us and the person next to you. Great things can happen when empowered women empower woman for the best.

3. Make Them Dream Again

As long as we are capable of dreaming,  as long as we can keep our eyes on the destination, on the person we want to grow into or the life we want to live one day, we will remain in hope and fighting. In the moments of despair, our minds tend to lose this focus, this reason to keep going. To have someone help you to bring back your dream in front of your eyes is like switching off the light in a dark room.

4. Tell Your Storie

In these days, people want to keep the image of having a perfect life, which can make one feel very isolating from struggles. There is nothing more uplifting for me than hearing that I’m not alone with my current situation and that the way I feel about it has nothing to do with me being weak. So tell your stories, be the living example that they can make it through the situation.

That’s it, guys. Thank you for coming back here and reading this post. I would love to read in the comments below what empowers you the most in moments of struggles. Let’s empower each other.




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