How I Deal with Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Sometimes a day in your life, or a moment, can change everything. The way you live, the way you think, the way you do things. It feels like falling in a big dark hole, that appears on your path through life. A hole that you were not prepared for, cause you’ve never imagined that this could ever happen to you.

That is how, I felt as I had my first big panic attack. I say big, cause I had some little panicking moments before, but nothing compared to the panic attack I had that day. I feel like it change my whole world for ever, as I am now more scared as I was before and situations overtax me so much easier than before. Well, since that day, I am trying to figure out, how I can deal with it and how I can face difficult situations like exams, people traveling without getting a panic attack. And that is why I am writing this article,  to help some of you out there, who feel the same way.

Regardless whether that hole you felt in is a panic attack or not, falling in general is something that we all face in our lives, some people more and some people less. But what helps me that time,was giving my self time to process what happened. One of the mistakes I did in the past, was giving myself not enough time to process the holes I felt in, cause I thought that, I have to function and I have to give my best and work hard. It is like expecting 100% of an athlete, who is injured. I feel like there is a social pressure on us, to do so, to always function. We give our physical injuries time to heal, why not doing so with our mental ones? I took a time off, away from social media and all that stuff, just sleeping and resting, till I felt good enough to stand up and face the problem.

Nonetheless, they are some injuries, that will never really heal, I do not know, If I can ever been 100% healed from anxiety, but till then I try my best to dance in the rain. How? 1. I avoid caffeine as much as possible.  While having a panic attack your brain send adrenaline and stress hormones in your body, that is what coffee does with us, and that is why we feel awake. So drinking coffee just enhanced what my brain already does too much. Get it ? 2. Stop working in time. I tend to get panic attacks in the middle of the night sometimes, and that happens when I’ve been active late at night, what I did before as a workaholic. It was a vicious circle, as I slept just a few hours, which means that I was tired and exhausted, which brought me to panic attacks. I manage my time better now, I wake up earlier to get my stuff done. This works for me, as I can sleep more than I would do, if I would  work till 1 or 2 o’clock and wake up at 5 o’clock by a panic attack.  3. Doing sports. As my body produce too much adrenaline hormones, and I am overload by them, doing sports helps me to build an outlet. I feel less panicky after that, which means that I can sleep more. 4. Going out of the situation that panics you, if you can. If not, try to concentrate on breathing and think about things that makes you happy and comfortable.

That is what works for me, I am not an expert on this topic. I am just sharing my story with you. which might help and motivate you, ‚cause this is what we are all about.


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  • Experienced a series of small panic attacks. ..definitely needed to read this

    November 26, 2015 at 6:37 pm

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