I always talk about our inner human. Our minds, thoughts, and dreams, whose facets only we know. I believe that we, as human beings, you and I, are more than the product of our environment and circumstances. At least, that’s what I’ve always thought. Hearing about the social struggles friends and family of mine were going through, led me to the consideration that maybe the way I see things is too naive and more positive than reality is.

While environmental struggles can be more bearable with the right set of mind, social conflicts and negative people have the tendency to demolish even the strongest among us. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to avoid those kinds of people and get rid of the burden. It is to you that I am dedicating the following tips that helped me.


From me to you, for the better and greater.


The smaller you get the bigger they get. The quieter you get the louder they get. Show them that you don’t tolerate the way they treat you.



Most of the time, when someone treats us badly and try to bring us down, it starts crashing on our self-confidence. Don’t let them win. Know what you worth. Know that you are more than they see. They are not better than you are. When they don’t know that yet, let them see it now.



The worst mistake people do when they are bullied or mistreated is to not talk about it. I know it is hard to get open and to tell someone that you’re mistreated by someone else. You may feel like, you’ve failed on something or it is your own fault. Trust me, in most cases, it is the one mistreating you, who has the problem, not you.


Don’t think that you’re helpless or that you have just to endure it. It will cost you energy, even more than you think. To be honest with you, life is too short and lifetime is too worthy to spend it with fear or anger due to someone.



People who mistreat others are mostly scared by them. Mainly, that’s the reason, why they don’t get confronted with the issue. Stand up and confront him or her with the fact that he or she is mistreating you. It might make them small and make them think twice the next time they talk to you.

I hope those tips were helpful. They might be an idea for steps you can take to improve the situation you’re in. If you have better recommendations or the feeling to share your story, let us know in the comments below. Your words might help someone. Let’s create a network of help and support here on Nellacoco!

Nella ♣

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