Hi everybody. I’m Natacha, one member of This is my very first post and I hope you’ll like it.

I’m studying International business Management on the University of Furtwangen. This year I choose one lecture, which is called „Corporate Culture and Leadership“. It inspires me to this post and I hope that it will help you to see the world in a different way. The lecture is all about how to become a good leader for a company and to have success in your career. Our professor shows us that career is not only based on the results, the success or the payment that you get in the end of the month. It’s more than that. And based on the book of Stephen R. Covey „The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People“ our professor try to make us understand, that success isn’t something that start with a well-paid career. Success is something that starts before we applied for a certain employment. It starts with our private life.

The seven habits shows, the private success is the important thing in everyone’s life and that this should be our first target, before dreaming being the leader of a big company. I mean, how can you lead the life of hundreds or thousand people, when you are not able to order your own life? How can you require 100% from your employees or colleges, when you are not given enough as wife, husband, mother, father, daughter, so and so on? How can you expect trust and reliability, when you are not one of ten people who your friend will call, when they need help?

I always was the person who has though that my private life should never have an influence on my working life, as I have though that they are totally different.
But when we look closer, we can recognize the structure that we have in our working life reflects a major part our private life. This shouldn’t surprise us, as our abilities, our values and our beliefs all of them come from our private life. It is our private life, which shape a major part of our personality and character. It is the part of our life where our roots come from, where our life has started and the place we go back, when the world break down around us. So isn’t it obvious that our private life has a big effect on our success in our working life?
So take some minutes and think about your private and work/study life. Can you recognize similarities? Is there something that you can transfer from one life to another? And the last and important question, how far are you with your personal private success?

So take the time and invest in your private life and you will see how much it will change you s a person and the way you working, no matter in which division you are. Since several things depend on it. And I think, it worth it to invest in it, because it is the place, where the main role is played and is directed by YOU.

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