It Has Been A While


It feels like talking to an old friend you haven’t spoken with for ages. It makes me a little bit emotional, sitting here by myself and doing what makes me feel somehow complete.

So yeah I’m back. And I know it has been a while…

It has been a while ago since I’ve lost my joy and vision for creating. It was just a while ago when I’ve started questioning and looking for answers.  A while since  I’ve started telling myself the bitter truth instead of enjoying the sweet honey of lies and delusions.

It has been a while ago since we shoot this pictures. And just a little while after, I had the opportunity to walk on the runway for the first time.

It has been a while when I’ve decided to continue my journey and moved to a new city. When I escaped to the south for a while to find healing, reflection, and acceptance of all the old and new beginnings. Unexpectedly, I ended up finding so much more than that.


And after a while, I came back and started recreating Nellacoco, inspired by the conversations, impressions, questions, feelings, and answers that I’ve collected over that while when I was away. And for a long long while it all felt overwhelming and loud. But when the right moment arose, it all turned into peace and silence.


It has been a while since I didn’t know what I wanted to tell and share with you or inspire and motivate you in. Less did I know how to do so with me.

Well, now I’m sitting here in my little apartment in Heidelberg. It is the 31st of January, and it feels like there is, wasn’t and won’t be a better moment for us to continue where we stopped a long while ago.

I’ve missed you.





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