Last Words

We are just three days away from 2015 and I am in this mood where I think about the last 362 days and about life in general. A lot happened this year and I feel like there is more to come. As you may already know, I am in my hometown currently. Not the City I was born but the city I raised up. A small city in the Black Forrest. Coming here occasionally let so many childhood memories arise.

It was a crazy up and down this year. There where these great things like our graduation, the moving to a new City, seeing Nellcoco growing. These were the moments I felt invincible, like in a bubble of euphoria. A contrast to these horrible moments and feelings. The feeling of losing or missing someone. The feeling of knowing that some people are gone forever. The fear of failure. But the show goes on, regardless of whether you’re ready or not. The world seems so quiet, white and innocent now.

I peer out of the window and feel gratitude. I am grateful for having such amazing sisters. I’m grateful for such a strong mother and such caring friends. They are the heroes of my life. They help and support me through the storms and share the sunny moments of life with me. They make me feel less anxious about the future. Due to them, I know that no matter what may come the next 365 days, I will not be alone, because I’ve never was and I never will.

Finally, I want to say thank you guys. To all who followed our journey on I have never expected that this gets to what it is now. We are growing and have dreams and plans for the year 2015. Here is the best of 2014. Enjoy.


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