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Hello guys, Nati here today, how are you doing? Spring is knocking on the door. I can’t wait to see all the trees and the flowers blooming. It is the beginning of something new.

Speaking of new, I’ve been trying new facial products from Manna for several weeks. This brand has been founded in 2010, so it is pretty young and not popular yet. I got attracted by them through an advertisement on Facebook, where people have given really good feedback on the natural products of Manna. So I thought, why not give it a try. To be honest, I’m not the kind of person trying things, which I’ve never seen or touched before. But I was too curious.

As it was the first time I’m trying the products from Manna, I ordered the package for teenagers, as I have a problem with pimples and blackheads. The products were delivered within three working days. You could smell the product when unpacking the goods and the smell is amazing. I had the feeling I could really smell the natural ingredients used for this products. The products included in the package I ordered are the following:

First the daily facial soap with camphor, which helps to prevent pimples and to shrink your pores. The first three ingredients are coconut oil, water, and cocoa butter. It smells amazing.



The next soap is made with coconut oil and salt. This should replace the peeling in our facial treatment. It isn’t as rough as my last peeling. This is the only thing I would criticize this product. But it works, what surprised me after all.





The ingredients for the mask are green healing earth and green tea powder. It sounds like nothing, but guys, I can’t describe how soft and healthy my skin feels after I use this mask. My face has started glowing and the dark dots on my face, have been fading ever since I’ve been using it. So If you like masks, want to revive your skin and love the green tea….this product is an absolute must-have for you!!!





Cleansing my face with the soap makes my face feel really dry, that is the reason Manna adds the little capsule containing shea butter with lavender. It doesn’t only smells good, but it also works really well. It gives you back the moisture you’ve lost. For me, it works even better on a damp face.




The package also includes a small glass of tea tree oil, which should only be used on pimples, not on the whole face. And yes, it works. Within two days the pimples disappeared. For me this was heaven. 



So I’ve been using them for more than 3 weeks. I’m totally surprised and happy with them. Because usually when I wash my face, I like the feeling of scratching something away, so it was a challenge for me to use products which are softer. My skin is feeling much better and it looks clearer. I don’t have as many pimples as I used to have while using these products. The best thing is the price. I spent less than 30 Euros for this package and I received a lot of presents like the aloe vera soap you can see below. I would definitely rebuy it and recommend it to everyone who likes natural products or wants to give them a try.


If you know Manna or have tried it, please let us know. We are curious to learn about your experience with this young natural brand Manna.




Nati ♠

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