Masculine and Feminine

Welcome back, I hope that you are healthy and not sick. I am trying to stay healthy and that’s hard when everyone around you is sneezing. Resting a lot, drinking green smoothies and vitamins should do their best.

Back in my childhood days, I’ve always admired the brogues of my dad. I’ve loved how effortless and comfortable they looked like. This look was inspired by my love for brogues that I’ve never talked about. Beside of pumps, brogues are that kind of shoes I’ve always had a pair of in my closet for the last 5 years. I’ve always looked for the perfect brogues and finally found a pair I absolutely felt in love with. I love the sleek look, the little details, and the little plateau that makes it wearable even on the colder days.  The pair I’m wearing is from ZARA but they are some alternative ones from Tamaris  or from Only as well. I love the combination of feminine and masculine. The shoes and the pants have a more masculine character. I went for a more feminine look at the bottom with the braided hair, a light black shirt and some white pearl earrings (similar here from Douglas).

I sometimes wish that I could be more masculine, mentally.  Being a woman is a privilege, please don’t get me wrong. The only thing that sometimes stops us is that we think, care and calculate too much about everything and everyone. We are the control freaks; we compare each other and are more critical of ourselves. Aren’t we? Why can’t we just chill and just get it easy like boys do?

Have a nice week guys :-).
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