„If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.“ unknown

This beautiful African proverb metaphorizes something we are all aware of. You can work hard, as hard as you can but in the long run, we all need companions to bring us where we want to go. We are only human and we always meet our boundaries, our limits. How good it is, to have someone beside you, going the same way and giving you a helping hand. How good it is to have someone, who takes you back to reality when you are about to jump into something without thinking about it properly.

Nellacoco would not be what it is without every single one of us. Most of the time, it is me that you see but I couldn’t possibly, physically and mentally do any of this all by myself. This article is not only to finally present the whole team and to get to know us a little bit better but it is an opportunity for me to show my gratitude for these two girls, of whom I have the honor to not only call my sisters but my team members as well.


Like is my younger sister and our photographer as well. She is my girl behind the camera, helping me create the pictures for every article. We started shooting for the blog 1,5 years ago when she was only 13 years old. We grew together, she as the photographer and I as „model“, with the aim to create better content in better quality. Looking back now, I can definitely tell, that we’ve come far and we are not standing, we are moving.


Well, Nati is my older sister and she was my number one fan from the very beginning when I just wrote some articles in German. I then stopped for a while and she was the one pushing me and making me start again. I was not believing in all of this but she was, so it is due to her that we are here now. Now, she manages everything and makes sure that I don’t forget our deadlines, meetings, collaborations, etc.

Shot by one of my beloved photographer Daniel Gronau, who shot the article NEW PERSPECTIVES as well.


Nella ♣

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