New Perspectives

These nondescript moments are like little brush strokes which make up an overall painting. Just to describe to you, how I currently feel. The people  I meet, the places I go, the words I say, everything feels more intense, more powerful, more like it is forming and changing a whole new picture of the person I thought I was, am, or going to be.

Sometimes, however, situations are crystal clear. When the heart and brain say yes, all we have to do is to grab it. That is how I felt, as we started a project some months ago with one of my beloved photographers Daniel Gronau (Stuttgart) who shot the pictures for this article. It was the first time I shot with someone else than my sister. A fact that freaked me out a little bit that morning. I was so afraid to disappoint him or that the chemistry between us would not work. All of the doubts just faded away the very moment we started. Daniel was so patient and a bubble of energy, which made it so easy and so much fun to shoot with him. It is interesting and inspiring every time we work with someone new. It is learning, trying and seeing things from a whole new perspective. I really just can recommend him, especially for those who are not that secure in front of the cam.

It was an intense day of shooting and we had just wrapped up the last couple of pictures for the team shooting (as I told you, get ready to meet the team really soon), when I jumped into my absolute favourite dress (similar here from About You), for the dinner after. It is quite tightly fitted, for which reason I decided to put this long black jacket from Mango over it. It may not be visible, but the material of the jacket is warm, soft and falls so nicely. Wearing long clothes can easily look baggy when you are not that tall, which is why I paired the whole outfit with these black pumps from UNISA. I love the dark purple details and the v-shape of the „neck“, which creates a really nice slim shape of the feet and elongates the legs. Like I always say, it is all about balance and knowing how to complement your very own beauty.

Have a nice week my loves 🙂

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