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To what do we set the value of something? To what do we set the beauty of someone? Not everything that shines is gold, right? And that is how something that initially may seem worthless hide treasures deep inside. It is so easy in our superficial days to be blinded by the way someone seems that sometimes we are insensible for the real treasures we or other people contain.

As we launched the statement of NELLACOCO we talked about the definition of beauty as something that is not only externally but internally. Think of a person, got it? Try to describe the external characteristics of that person with five words. Now try to do the same with the positive internal characteristics. Is it more challenging, right? Think of yourself and try to do the same. To be your own definition of beauty demands self-conscious and self-confidence. Self-conscious to me means, knowing who I am, not only externally but internally and self-confidence means „to proclaim that to the world, not in loud words but in great deeds“ Christian D. Larson said once in one of my favorite poems „promise yourself“.

One of the best examples to me is my mom. She is such a strong person and I will be forever grateful that she taught me how to be that. To me, that’s what makes her so beautiful and that’s what I will tell my kids one day. I won’t tell them about the makeup she wore or the dresses she put on. No, I will tell them that she was a beautiful person because she was strong all her life for people she loved and was never afraid to fight for them. Our external beauty will fade away one day. No matter how much time and forces we invest into it. Don’t get me wrong it does not mean that we shouldn’t treasure our body and give it the best and do the best for it. It just means that after all, we should not forget to invest in our inner beauty by learning every day, all life long and to grow internally with all our abilities.

Close your eyes, open your mind to the real beauty in the world, for the beauty we can not see in mirrors.

Nella  ♣

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