One year later

A year has gone by since I’ve started Nellacoco and it is crazy how my life changed. It was not planned to be something serious. I saw all these bloggers and was wondering how a blog actually works. Eight days before my exams started I needed to do something else, then practicing and going mad about maths. The big desire of chang caught me. Something exciting, something I’ve never done before was what I needed.

The vision behind Nellacoco was to motivate people. For a healthier lifestyle, for a more confident expression, while I unfold my creative wings. I am still working on it, and I want you to join me if you want to. Lovers may come and go in your life, for the good and for the bad. Your body and your mind is the only thing you need to carry with you trough life, and I think that we should try to do the best of it, right?

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