Resolutions not depending on money

 New Year has started one week ago now, did you stick to your resolutions since? I don’t know when it started but I do take things like that, really seriously. I’m always looking for a quiet moment on my own, make some tea, take my notebook, light some candles ( the one I am loving right now, is the one from RITUALS called  „Samurai Candle“), and then I start writing down all the things I want to accomplish.

My head is always filled with a lot of things, but I make sure to just write those things down, I really want to focus on. As I mentioned in a previous post before (the way to success) reaching your goals starts with focusing on what you really want. One of those things I really want to do this year is travelling more, and this might be something you’ve already heard from many bloggers and vloggers, and I do understand why everyone wants to do that. I think visiting new places and faces can really help you to open our minds and can be a growing experience. The fact is, setting a goal like travelling, depends on things like money, physical abilities etc. So I always make sure that I do balance things on my „resolution list“ and write down goals I want to achieve, that does not depend on money as well.

1. Face your fears and say yes more often

Being a fearful person, as I am, can keep you from doing things, cool things, like meeting people, trying out new unexpected things. So I used to say no to things, instead of trying it out and see what happens, just because of the fear of failure or displeasure someone. But those minds, are just delusions of your fear. So just jump into it and say yes.

2. Be a better friend and be present

Not that I am a horrible or mean person to my friends and beloved ones but, we are all busy and involved in different things the whole year, that we forget to take quality time with friends and beloved ones. Quality times means, to not meet in the coffee and everyone is texting with someone else via WhatsApp. Be present, there is nothing more bonding than deep and honest conversations.

3. Life detox: let it go

Is there something in your life that bothers you, and sit on your shoulder like a devil  you’re caring around year after year? It can be a person, or a bad habit, or something else. It is like „Frozen“ (Big FAN :D): Letting things go, can sometimes give you the chance to show your real worth and hidden skills.

Let me know in the comments below, what your resolutions are.

See you


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  • Your third resolution "Life detox: let it go" inspired me so much. It describes very well my resolution. I have to let go a person that I really appreciate. It's hard but I have to. Thank you Nella. Love you so much ❤️
    I'm your biggest fan ✌��️

    Januar 25, 2016 at 6:34 pm
  • Nice to here that the article could help you in some way. I know it is hard, but someday you'll may look back and be glad you did it. Keep smiling, keep being positive and know that you are strong for decisions you make for the better.

    Thank you.Love you more 🙂

    Januar 26, 2016 at 8:25 pm

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