Stand For 2.0


I am glad to share with you the second article including the brand STANDFOR  with whom we have been partners since the beginning of the brand. If you’ve missed the first article, check it out here. I have the honor to be among the bloggers cooperating with the brand and spread their  powerful message we all should stand for.

This time, we want to motivate you to share this message with us, by lip signing. Lip what? Lip Sign. Like I did on the picture above. Spread the message by giving your lips as a metaphor for your voice for the initiative. All you have to do is to log and upload a picture of your beautiful lips. Your names will be added to the list of those, who have already spread the message. You can find my name there, and I hope to find yours there as well.

Let’s inspire each other to use our voices for the right purpose: to motivate each other and to nourish our bodies.  As a benefit, we are improving the quality of life while we get more active and do more good, instead of destroying our precious health and those of our fellow-men by smoking.

Nella ♣

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