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Hi, I’m Like, the photographer of Nellacoco. I’m just 14 years young 😉 the youngest  member of Nellacoco and I’m still going to school. This is my first post on Nellacoco, and today I will give you my definition of beauty, like Nella does it (here) some weeks before.

When you hear beauty what is the first picture that comes in your mind? Maybe a girl with long blond/ black hair, blue/green eyes, perfect nose, perfect lips and a perfect body… like I would say,  maybe.

When I hear Beauty, I see all kinds of bodies, hair, eyes, nose and lips and there all normal. Their like various normal colors painted on a screen and the end it’s a beautiful paint because the colors are all together. Do you understand what I mean? Maybe you think, your nose isn’t perfect but your face is more then perfect. Don’t look only on one thing, look on the entire thing. The entire thing is the best thing, if you take a step back and look to the entire paint.

I just want to mention one girl in my life, she’s in the same class as me. I admire her a lot. She is really small… I think she is just 155 high. As people only look on one thing, she has to hear a lot concerning her size. There was a time where she doesn’t feel confident in her own body. But instead of being discourage and only focusing on that she doesn’t have and will not have, she focuses on herself take a step back and found see Her hole picture. She doesn’t look at herself like other people do. She change the view and recognize her own beauty, which gives her self-confidence and a strength that no one can take away.

What I’m trying to say is, you all are perfect on your own way!! Your body only exist once on earth, except you are identical twins. But even so, you two are the only on the earth, who look like you do. Don’t think about to change everything on you, because of the imagination of beauty implemented by other people or media. Take a step back and take the attention to other things, that makes you different and BE YOUR OWN DEFINITION OF BEAUTY.

                                                                                  Like  ♦

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