Taking off the pressure

It is our first day off this week. This week was super busy, as the stress of Monday continued until yesterday. In all the madness of these last days, finding time for things or people we love can be really hard. I try to keep all (work, blogging and family) in healthy balance, though I know that it is nearly impossible.

Being on the go this whole week made me realize how important it is to stop for at least one moment and to have time for myself. As much as I like spending time with my friends, my family or writing my blog, finding time for me to breathe and to take all the pressure away is essential.

We went for a walk this afternoon and decided to watch after some airplanes. I got really use to the noise of them and I start getting familiar with it. We just sat there, talking about a lot of things and released the storm inside of me. It flew away like all the airplanes in front of us.



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