I am Nella. 21 years old and the founder and creative mind of Nellacoco. I’m interested in so many things. Life Science is my fascination, while fashion and music are my passion. And Nellacoco is where I can unfold all my creative sense and share them with you.

My aim for Nellacoco is to get the blog as far as we can and to create something authentic and fun, where people around the world can come and have a good time with my reflections, thoughts, and fashion. We are not where I want the whole concept to be but I think we are on the right track of the journey. To get there I want to improve my skills and add some more to create better content. Working with other people in the industry is key for that aim and that is mainly what I want to focus on right now.

Join the journey and enjoy.

My Name is Elike but you can call me Like. It’s easier. I’m the photographer of Nellacoco and  15 years old. I’m still going to school. Some of my hobbies are dancing and photographing.

In my opinion, Nellacoco is a blog, which motivates our readers to love themselves. My aim for Nellacoco is to create better photos and to improve the content we’re creating and to get there I want to improve my photography skills. I need to learn a lot but I’m excited to understand and practice more. So the visual aspect of Nellacoco is where I want to focus my eyes on.

Hi everyone!
I’m Nati the manager of Nellacoco, a business student and mother. For me Nellacoco is not only a blog about fashion but also a blog to motivate all girls and women out there to love themselves. I want to help people appreciate the little happiness that life gives us even though it is hard. I wish that every time we released a new blog post somebody could say: „This is exactly what I need.“

I will share with you the experiences that I account, the bad ones and of course the good one. As I’m learning sewing, I will show you some of my creations. My aim is to create our own collection which will represent Nellacoco’s definition of fashion. You won’t see me a lot on the blog but I’m the shadow behind Nella.

Photography by Daniel Gronau -Stuttgart