The way to success

Goals and dreams are necessary for a human being, as much as nutrition or air is. Without goals and dreams, we would be like uncontrolled ships, drifting here and there on the wave of life. But, how can we lead our ships to reach our destination? Here are four aids for navigation.

1. Clear Destinations

Setting a goal is a mental action. It all starts in your mind. Our mind is what lead your actions and the amount of power we put into something. That way, the first step to success is setting clear defined goals. Why? If we do not know what we really want, our mind will not know where to navigate our forces and if we do not navigate them they will be scattered. Here is an example: You are willing to visit a friend in an unknown city. To get there you need a navigation device. The navigation device asks for your destination. Would rather reach the destination if you just put the name of the city into it or if you put the address and house number etc.into it? You would take the second option, wouldn’t you?

2. Focus

After defining your destination, take care not to lose it. ‚Cause what you focus on, is what you create.  That is why focusing on your goals is so important for reaching them. A lot of people had great dreams and goals, but unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of life or some circumstances make them lose the focus on what they really wanted. Never lose your vision out of your vision. Is there a goal you set times ago? Where are you now? Did you lose focus? If yes, why? 

3. PEP

The way to success is generally known, as not being easy at all. Therefore, we need patience, endurance, and a positive mind. Why? Some people, who show a lake of those may have good beginnings, but never reach their goals. They start to invest time and energy in their goals and as the circumstances changes, things turn to be more difficult, they give up. Why?  Instead of being patient, they decide to leave the line and start on another. Instead of having endurance, they decide to give up after one failure. Instead of staying positive minded to their goals, they give room to negativity and lose their power and passion. Do you have good beginnings? Don’t stop before you have accomplished anything. 

4. Stay true to yourself

This article would be somehow incomplete without adding this fourth point since it is so easy to lose it out of your mind. Wherever your way may lead, keep in mind to stay true to yourself. Stay true to the best that is in you. Stay true to what you believe in and to the ground you have. Stay true to the people you love and who love you unconditionally, whether you succeed or not. There is no goal, no dream worth losing all of this.


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