I went through different phases with my skin while growing up. I went from really dry skin to oily skin and finally found the right equilibrium with combination skin after puberty. That was the moment I had difficulties to find the right skin care products. I’ve tried a lot. From high end to drug store and organic, back and forth. It was hard to find a product that satisfied both, the dry and the oily parts of my skin. It was always one death I died.

I plaid the game until the day I was on my way to leave the shopping center called Breuninger here in Stuttgart. I saw this little shop called AESOP on the way to the exit. Attracted by the scent of the shop and my own curiosity I decided to take the next train and stepped in.

The staff introduced me to different products that I could try out on my hands. The service was simply amazing. They took the time I needed and gave me a cup of tea while doing so. I’ve left the shop with two products. The primrose facial cleansing mask and the purifying facial cream cleanser. I didn’t buy the complete skin care line, as I had other just opened skin care products at home. After some weeks of using the cleanser on a daily basis and the mask two times a week, I could see and feel the difference.

Evening Primrose Oil

Sage Leaf

Rose Geranium oil

White Clay

Lavender Stem

Chamomile Bud

As soon as I started using the cream cleanser instead of the harsh cleaners I used to wash my face with, I could notice that my dry and irritated areas began healing and getting back to normal. The most significant win for me was the changing of my extremely oily and shine areas. Typically, when I came home after a long day and saw my face in the mirror, it always looked like I put my nose in a pot of coconut oil. And this is not the case at all anymore. It is still shinier than the rest of my face, but way better than before.

After using the face mask two weeks, twice a week I could see the reduction of the size of my pores and blackheads. I’ve noticed as well is the overall glow and moisturised feeling of my face after using both products for over two months now. To be honest with you, I didn’t expect a significant change in my skin. But what I’ve learned is to be very patient with my skin and give it time to adapt to the new products.

The products are expensive, but they last very long. I’ve been using them for three months now, and you can see how much product is left. And sometimes investing in an excellent product to add to your skin care routine can make such a difference. It’s like spending on a statement piece. It just levels up the whole look.

Would you like me to write an article about my whole skin care routine? Let me know in the comments below.


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